Little Wolf is a small-batch coffee roastery and café led by accountant turned coffee roaster Chris Gatti. Together with his Siberian Husky and best companion River, Little Wolf wants to make specialty coffee a little more friendly and accessible. Passionate and meticulous in craft, they take care to source and roast the highest quality coffee, but maintain that a cup of coffee can only be as good as the company you share it with.

The design’s inspiration is one part science and two parts storybook. The system showcases a methodical, yet quirky typographic system and a restrained icy blue color palette reminiscent of the eyes of a newborn wolf pup. Our protagonist River can be found playfully illustrated throughout the identity as the loyal shopkeep—reminding everyone that specialty coffee shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Studio  Perky Bros.
Creative Direction  Jefferson Perky
Art Direction & Design
  Lindsey Laseter, Jefferson Perky
Illustration Lindsey Laseter
Photographer Mark Spooner, Brett Warren
Animation Allen Laseter